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I am sad to report that Yentl, my pet royal python, has escaped. There’s a little ‘ole in the back of his tank that I thought he couldn’t wriggle through. I was wrong. He’ll probably turn up somewhere, when he … Continue reading

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Opus D

Well, there was I thinking, so I was, that this post will be the 500th entry in this blog as presently incarcerated, and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which such an artificial anniversary will be manna from heaven to fans of base … Continue reading

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News has reached mes oreilles of the Breakthrough Prizes in the Life Sciences, whose Foundation aims to honor five scientists annually to the tune of $3m each. This year, however, is an inaugural splurge, in which eleven laureates get to … Continue reading

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Country Life

It says something about the peace of a district when the biggest news around concerns the provenance of chickens on a roundabout. Some chickens, earlier today (not on a roundabout). For decades beyond count, chickens pecked at the spot on … Continue reading

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That Was The Week That Was

What a week it’s been. Honestly, if you’d have made up this week’s news, nobody would have believed you. So, what have we had? * A meteor exploded over Russia, quite close to the city of Chelyabinsk. The impactor is … Continue reading

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Following the discovery of the remains of the late King Richard III beneath what is now a car park, I invite my readers (both of them) to identify any other connections that car parks might have with celebrity. To start … Continue reading

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They Eat Horses, Don’t They?

Boris Johnson, whom posterity will regard as the greatest statesman of this or any other age, has been wondering about the sauce source of the British taboo against the eating of horseflesh, while le cheval is quite de rigeur on … Continue reading

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Roll up, roll up, roll up – for today only (that’s 6 February 2013), you can download my book The Science of Middle-earth for FREE from the Amazon Kindle Store. Now, you might ask, how does it profit me to … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #39

Following thirty years of work by mathematicians at the University of Southern Neasden and the Max Planck Institute for Extracting Sunshine from Cucumbers, it’s been found that mathematics will start to disappear around July, 2014. At first only very arcane … Continue reading

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