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It says something about the peace of a district when the biggest news around concerns the provenance of chickens on a roundabout.

Some chickens, earlier today (not on a roundabout).

For decades beyond count, chickens pecked at the spot on the Norfolk-Suffolk border. They continued pecking when they were isolated on a roundabout where two roads met: the spot was known as ‘chicken roundabout’. As you’d imagine, opinions were divided about whether having chickens on the roundabout was a Good Thing. Tempers got heated.

The chickens were a perennial staple of the local news as their numbers went up and down.

A few years ago the last chickens were given to an animal rescue centre, but others have since popped up. There are plans for a commemorative statue. For the last word on chickens, and indeed for the first word, and all the words in between, you are invited to view this video.

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