It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #15

unnamedThis one spotted on a large wooden packing case in the loading dock of a university department, by our correspondent Professor Trellis of North Wales, who disclaims all responsibility.

“What the large wooden edifice contains seems to be a mystery,” says the sage, somewhat querulously, “but the label worries me… Deeply… Why is not being stored in a vacuum, suspended in a magnetic bottle? Nothing less would seem to suffice…” Suggestions are invited for the possible contents. Kryptonite? Continuum Flux Capacitors? Dilithium crystals? Very small rocks?

About cromercrox

Cromercrox is a recovering palaeontologist, author and editor who lists his recreations as writing, beachcombing, playing hard rock organ, supporting Norwich City FC and falling asleep.
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11 Responses to It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #15

  1. Greg Laden says:

    The box contains nothing. Because nothing can truly be protected from all the elements.

  2. Karl says:

    Typo. “Elephants”

  3. cromercrox says:

    I wonder if it’s Schrödinger’s cat?

  4. Perhaps you should conduct a periodic review?

  5. Brian Clegg says:

    Don’t you know what it is? It’s elementary, my dear Gee.

  6. John Gilbey says:

    Thinking about it, it could be a crate of CDs by the modern UK rock combo Fragile… This will be their debut album, “Protect From All Elements” – a dystopian concept piece incorporating sampled marmot cries…

  7. Ken says:

    Clearly, it’s an antimatter message in a magnetic bottle.

  8. John the Plumber says:

    It’s a box full of Dark Matter.

    But (see cromercrox’ comment above) it cannot contain Schrodinger’s cat as well. – In dark matter there can only be dead cats.- It’s to do with the uncertainty of the uncertainty involved.
    Proof of this can be found at – – where Henry’s cat, whose name escapes me, was clearly alive, having been let out of the box (Schrodinger’s that is) in non dark matter, by Heidi.

    p,s. It really pisses me off when clever sods put dots on top of the o in Schrodinger – just because its a foreign name and they can – and I can’t. :-)