The Desolation of Smaug

cover ideas.002To celebrate the imminent release at your local enormoplex of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, I’m giving away The Science of Middle Earth for that whole weekend, 12-15 December. My agent tells me that it’ll be available as a free download from Amazon’s Kindle store for that period (you never quite know with Amazon, their view of time is subtly different from that of regular mortals.)

You’ll need a Kindle, or a Kindle app on another device. I regret that it won’t be available on any other platform. The┬ápaperback is still in print, but the Kindle version has been updated, with corrections and further notes. (NB – the paperback, though still for sale, is of the original edition, not the updated one.) Praise, literary libations and general approbation for the book can be found here. To whet your appetite, Discover magazine and I had some fun talking about the science of dragons.

Now, given that the first rule of ecology is that there is no such thing as a free lunch, readers who download the book for free are requested and required to praise the book constantly, unstintingly, without reservation, let or hindrance, continuously and without cease by direct interaction or social media to their friends, family, housemates, pets, housemates’ pets, random passers-by in the street, policemen, judges, prison warders, parole officers, Men In White Coats, for a period including (but not limited to) eternity, or until the end of time (whichever comes first) and urge them to buy copies forthwith, or, as it’s an electronic download, fifthwith.

You may scoff, but I’ve cast runes on the free download (and only the free download) so that anyone who fails to make a favourable reference to The Science of Middle Earth at least once an hour will find themselves unable to talk about anything else until they are finally driven mad. You’ve read The Red Shoes, haven’t you?

Perhaps buying the paperback would be safer. Or downloading the full-price Kindle version before the offer starts, of course.

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Cromercrox is a recovering palaeontologist, author and editor who lists his recreations as writing, beachcombing, playing hard rock organ, supporting Norwich City FC and falling asleep.
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5 Responses to The Desolation of Smaug

  1. Most excellent. I have (as I am sure I have mentioned) the dead-tree version of the previous edition. Must obtain this one – but not by Kindle download however as we are not Kindle-enabled (unless it plays nicely with generic e-book formats… hm).

    I could pay for the paperback though, which would perhaps be kinder. :)

    • cromercrox says:

      The paperback is the same as the one you already have, Winty. I’ve clarified that in the post.

  2. John Gilbey says:

    The Terms & Conditions for those participating in your free download offer compare very favourably with some software licences I’ve come across…

    Just sayin’….