Science of Middle-Earth: New Paperback Edition

newSOMEThe printing history of The Lord of the Rings is reputedly one of the more complex and tangled issues in modern publishing history. Matters aren’t quite so fraught for The Science of Middle-earth, my own contribution to the canon. For those interested, the second edition until now only available as an eBook for Kindle is now available as this handsome paperback, brought to you by ReAnimus Press, the people who published my SF trilogy, The Sigil. I know that some of you, most notably Dr R. W. of Toronto, were keen to see a new paperback edition, so here it is. Order it. Read it. Enjoy.

For those who’d like some background, I started writing about science for the noted fan site TheOneRing.Net, and collected my columns and added a lot more stuff into a paperback published by Cold Spring (not the same as Cold Spring Harbor – Ed.) This edition was licensed by Souvenir Press for the UK market, and also translated into German. But that was some time ago: ┬ámore recently my agent put out a Kindle version – which was, in effect, a second edition, as I had the chance to correct some mistakes and make a few necessary emendations, notwithstanding inasmuch as which there was no paperback equivalent of that revised electronic edition – until now.

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  1. John Gilbey says:

    Runes and a mallorn on the cover… You’re spoiling us, H…. :-)