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Jumps Red Lights

The death a couple of days ago of the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon raised memories of my one and only visit to Israel, and is associated with a particular piece of music. When I visited, in the summer … Continue reading

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Cast your mind back, if you will, to 1655 – the days of the Protectorate. In that year, Oliver Cromwell received an embassy from the Netherlands, of a Dutch Jew, one Manasseh Ben Israel, who asked the Lord Protector whether … Continue reading

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Tea Parties

As time goes by and politics get more polarised I am increasingly aware that we British are separated from our colonial cousins by a common language. But this separation goes beyond mere phonemes, to plumb deeply held – and different … Continue reading

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I am reliably informed that today is Ada Lovelace Day, in which it behooves one to commemorate the contribution to science of female scientists. Like Christmas, this comes round every year, and, like Christmas, I struggle to find anything novel … Continue reading

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Today is National Poetry Day. Fellow Occam’s Typist Professor S. C. of London, learning that it was not, as he had thought, World Poetry Day (this happened in March), wondered whether it would therefore not be meet to celebrate the … Continue reading

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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransports. On the night of 9/10 November, 1938, Jewish homes and businesses across Nazi Germany were trashed – an event known as Kristallnacht, Night of Broken Glass. Five days later, a delegation … Continue reading

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A little while ago I was with a group of family and friends discussing the Bilderberg Group, a kind of un-conference in which the world’s movers and shakers can get together and discuss matters of great import in an informal … Continue reading

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Today the Fine City of Norwich hosted its Pride event, and me and the Croxii went to take a look. Pride comes before a Hall. In this case, Norwich City Hall When we got there the Forum (Norwich’s fine modern … Continue reading

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When I moved from London to Cromer, colleagues were genuinely aghast, How, they asked, would I get to international meetings? “Norwich International Airport,” I replied. It’s 35 minutes’ easy drive from my door. Parking is plentiful, cheap, and all of … Continue reading

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Unless you have spent the past week in a box buried 37 miles beneath the surface of Mars, you’ll have been aware that yesterday was the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, who was the Prime Minister of Britain between 1979 and … Continue reading

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