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Careful With That Amphioxus, Eugene

Spare a thought for the amphioxus, a humble marine creature which spends its adult life buried in sand, filtering particles of food from seawater using its beautiful and elaborate system of gill slits. On the left is a picture of … Continue reading

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Words Like Bullets

‘Especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence that they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.’ What is one to make of … Continue reading

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #15

OOFTUGs generously libated for captions that drag me even part of the way out of my customary post-solstitial anticlimax. As usual here is one to start you off: ‘Uncle Fred drowned in a vat of bourbon. It took ages, but … Continue reading

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The Landscaping At The Jardin Des Girrafes

Meanwhile, over at The Gulf Stream, Kristi Vogel talks about re-planting a Lantana horrida in her garden in San Antonio, Texas, the more to achieve a native ‘xeriscape’ – in keeping with the environs and, hopefully, easier to maintain than … Continue reading

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Come In Godot, Your Time Is Up

Patronized as we are by the metropolitan chatterati as a bunch of pig-ignorant turkey-defenestrators, I am pleased to say that we in God’s Nelson’s Own County can occasionally put one up on those silly running-about knees-bend donkey-bottom-biters of the Capital. … Continue reading

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