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While we’re on the subject of holiday reading, I am informed by one Ian Whates, scholar, gentleman, SF author and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, publisher of the SF anthology Fables from the Fountain, that sales so far have raised a … Continue reading

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Kittehs To The Rescue

I was going to discuss politics and religion in this post, until I remembered (1) a promise I made to myself at Yom Kippur not to get embroiled in such discussions any more, as they only seem to cause anxiety … Continue reading

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The Carnival Is Coming!

This month’s Carnival of Evolution is over at the Sandwalk. Go look, read, and enjoy. There’s a lot to get your neural-crest-derived hard tissues teeth into. I’ll be hosting September’s edition here at the End of the Pier, and would … Continue reading

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Well, that’s over. What’s ‘that’, I hear you cry? Ah, well, ‘that’ was the referendum last week in which the voters in the U. of K. were invited to decide whether they’d like to elect members of parliament in the … Continue reading

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Regular readers (both of you) will no doubt recall the day almost two years ago when Mrs Crox and I rescued four battery hens and gave them new homes. But seriously, this is a somewhat Guardian Weekend form of animal … Continue reading

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Probably the most exciting paper I’ve ever handled at Your Favourite Weekly Professional Science Magazine Beginning With N was this one – on Homo floresiensis, a diminutive and very peculiar hominin from the island of Flores in Indonesia. The creature … Continue reading

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I am extraordinarily lucky in being able to work some of the time at home. Today, after a drizzly start, the sun came out so that I could spend my lunch hour on the beach and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was in the London Borough of Waltham Forest where, for the third year running, I was a judge at a science debate competition. Teams of youngsters from secondary schools across the borough pitted their oratory, rhetoric and critical … Continue reading

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Now, look, if what follows gets a bit sweary, you only have yourselves to blame. Mrs Crox, who is a journalist who’s been working remotely for ages, is just about to lose her job – and is unlikely to find … Continue reading

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Fountainous Fables

My vitals fair explode with pleasure at being able to announce the Second Coming this forthcoming SF anthology: Fables from the Fountain, edited by by SF author, superfan and publishing supremo Ian Whates, is an hommage to Arthur C. Clarke’s … Continue reading

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