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I’m just back from the annual meeting of the European Society for the Study of Human Evolution (ESHE), which this year took place in Vienna. Regular readers with long memories might recall that I went to their meeting in Leipzig … Continue reading

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Kindergarten teachers would find Crox Minor (then aged 4) an exasperating child. The reason was her habit of ignoring any instruction or direction but running around in mad circles with her arms stretched out and screaming “I’m Archaeopteryx! The First … Continue reading

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Resonant Penguin

Yesterday Crox Minor came home with this picture (pastels on paper, not finished yet) of a penguin serving in World War I. She was tickled to learn of rpg’s similar explorations – of which she had hitherto been completely unaware … Continue reading

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This Picture Cries Out For A Caption

My suggestion – ‘Did you spill my pint?’

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