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Unexpectedly transferable skills

The transferable skills developed over the course of a PhD have been a recurring theme on this blog. I have blogged both about being trained and, later, about training other students, in the skills that might be useful beyond the office, lab, … Continue reading

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Paying it forward

Once the corrections to my thesis had been approved by my examiners, I ordered copies bound in regulation purple and submitted one to Imperial College Library. As of March this year, a purple bound copy is no longer required – … Continue reading

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The supporting cast

A PhD is, by definition, a lonely endeavour. My fellow students and I were taught the fundamentals of team work as part of our transferable skills training, only for one academic to comment that for a career in academia, they would … Continue reading

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Last week: The ever-helpful @OccamT crew are giving @erikacule viva (thesis defense) tips & anecdotes via email. Hope we haven’t scared her too much… 13 March 2013 6:32 pm via webReplyRetweetFavorite @enniscath Cath Ennis @enniscath we’ll drive her to vodka … Continue reading

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An unexpected delight in the form of careers advice

This week I am attending the 62nd meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics here in San Francisco. Being a PhD student, I registered for several of the events aimed at Trainees. As well as attending talks, visiting posters, … Continue reading

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Londoners by Craig Taylor and the A to Z

I moved to London in 2005. After a few weeks living here I concluded that the two most useful things to give a new visitor to the capital would be an Oyster card and a London A to Z. Now, having … Continue reading

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PhD Comics Movie Review

Piled Higher and Deeper – the popular PhD comic – has been made into a movie. The movie is touring campuses around the world. Find a screening near you, or watch the trailer: Imperial College Union‘s Graduate Student Association hosted … Continue reading

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What does a PhD mean beyond academia?

If a PhD graduate decides to pursue an alternative career apply for a job outside of academia, in some fields, recruiters will understand what is meant by the PhD on their CV. For a research career in industry a PhD … Continue reading

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As well as a dilemma, we have the potentially useful term trilemma and even tetralemma (the choice between two, three or four options respectively). But a lemma, in mathematics anyway, is a stepping-stone in a proof, and does not mean … Continue reading

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What are you worried about?

If you are naturally someone who worries, then being a PhD student gives you plenty of opportunities to exercise your habit. You will have research-specific concerns about experiments working and deciding which approach to take. Inherent uncertainty comes with the … Continue reading

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