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Watching football can damage your health

My second instalment from Physiology 2010. At any large scientific meeting, with lots of things on at once, there are lectures that you feel you really have to go to, commonly because they are in your research area. There are … Continue reading

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Quantum homeopathic flapdoodle

I had wanted to post something for World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW), which ended a few days ago. However, I have been hampered by the fact that, whenever I think about writing anything more about homeopathy, I tend to find … Continue reading

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Jargon I can take – its abbreviations I can’t stand

NN blogger Jennifer Rohn has been writing recently about the use of jargon between scientists. As she points out, one of the points is to convey information succinctly from one person familiar with the vocabulary to one or more others … Continue reading

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