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Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

I fell a bit behind with the shopping lists, which is a shame because I really wanted to show you this one before Christmas. It’s a full-blown pre-Christmas shop. Right at the top we’ve got mistletoe and greenery—both queried though: … Continue reading

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Twelve days of Christmas

So that was Christmas. And what I did was a little project that you might have missed: a photo for every day of Christmas, from the first to the twelfth. No commentary or explanation, just the photo, and the day … Continue reading

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There are worse things I could do

Hastily snapped this, as we went into the shop. But to be clear, the mystery shopper wanted the same number of fillets as en croute. Perhaps they were having coeliacs around? An engineer’s or a computer programmer’s brain behind this … Continue reading

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Town Called Malice

I went to a gig on Friday night. That in itself is probably worth a blog post, but this gig was a bit special because the Younger Pawn was playing bass in a band called Charles and the Big Boys, … Continue reading

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Rock Lobster

This list is written on a crumpled Post-It note. I like it. Crisp, business-like, no nonsense. Actually scrunched up to be discarded when it had served its purpose. A parent, with young children. Tuna. Fine. Rock salt—not the sea flakes … Continue reading

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A year or more ago we were doing our weekly shop, and I found a shopping list in the trolley. Not ours—evidently somebody had been to the shop, got their stuff, and left their list behind (by design or accident … Continue reading

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I often, if not always, take my laptop with me on holiday. Ostensibly it’s to write (for pleasure, definitely not work), but always—but always—that never ends up happening and we just use it for looking at all the photos we’ve … Continue reading

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Pineapple Head

A little while ago I managed not only to photograph the Google StreetView car somewhere in Fitzrovia, but also to capture the picture it took of me doing it. Earlier today I was on my way to Halfords and find … Continue reading

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To the end

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a Webstory. And that Webstory grew and prospered, at least for a time. And the Curator of the Webstory strove to breathe live into it, but with one … Continue reading

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Joshua is at that delightful age when he is yet too young to be able to reliably, unaided, clean and dress himself, yet old enough to resist getting ready to leave the house in the morning. When he was younger, … Continue reading

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