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On the cranes

Apparently it’s (still) #WorldPhotographyDay. To celebrate, here’s a photograph from our bedroom window this morning, not taken with my iPhone. In fairness to Stephen it was taken in ‘P’ mode, but I’m going to start experimenting with ‘M’. And yes, … Continue reading

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On legends

For most of my first 17 years I lived on, or very close to, one of a number of airbases in England and Germany. Just about every day was airshow day, at least for a somewhat limited and specialist class … Continue reading

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On starting small

We’re still here. No need to send a search party… yet.

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On a hill

Jenny and I took some friends around the Rotherhithe peninsula yesterday, cutting through Russia Dock Woodlands and finally climbing Stave Hill. From the top of Stave Hill you can appreciate just how flat London geography really is. The Hill’s not … Continue reading

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Keep on running

What’s that bright light in the sky? We need Winter, because without it we would not appreciate Spring so much. Even so, Spring has been a long time coming to London. We had, apparently, the coldest Easter on record. But … Continue reading

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On a drop of water

One of these days, I’ll treat myself to a proper camera attachment for my microscope. In the meantime, here’s what we can achieve by pointing the iPhone at one of the oculars. And a movie: Here’s the little guy at … Continue reading

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What’s yours called?

(This is a repost from the GranularIT Blog.) I couldn’t stand it no more. After my latest timelapse experiment (a frame every minute for three days; over 3 GB of photos), not to mention mucking around with stop-motion, I decided … Continue reading

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Morning has broken

There’ll be more on this little project… later.

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On tits and sparrows

Opposite the advertisement for the Grant Arms Hotel, Grantown-on-Spey (“The Wildlife Hotel”) in Autumn 2011’s Birds magazine from the RSPB, Caroline Nash tells us she’s helping to save sparrows. As you might know, sparrows—which for some of us are the … Continue reading

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At the pub the other night, I was asking how a friend was doing. He was particularly busy, it appears, because he had to attend students’ exhibitions, located inexplicably at inconvenient and distant locations the length and breadth of town. … Continue reading

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