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An Inconsistent Truth?

The Science Museum in London is a national shrine to human ingenuity. Its existence is a testament to the value that our society places on inquiry and innovation, its worth paradoxically underscored by the fact that, even in these impecuious … Continue reading

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Joule’s Jewel

For the longest time I thought he was French. It’s the name — Joule; it sounds French and in my physics class at school no-one thought to explain otherwise. In fact, Joule was not even introduced as a name — … Continue reading

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Snapshots of 2010

I wasn’t going to do a review of the year’s blogposts but, on the off-chance that the recent move to the shiny new site at Occam’s Typewriter has attracted some new readers, I thought I would provide a brief guide … Continue reading

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Patrick Blackett’s Science was Vital

Please be patient while I experiment with audio to drum up support for the “Science is Vital campaign”: It will only take two minutes and forty-nine seconds. Listen! Listen! Thank you for listening. Update (Sun 26th Sept): For those of … Continue reading

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A molecule of life and death

Walter Clement Noel was famous in the wrong circles for the wrong reasons. He died in Grenada in 1916 aged just 32. Over fifty years later, in the first decade of my life, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was far and … Continue reading

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Faster than a Rocket

I am pleased to be able to announce that, having taken up jogging at the turn of the year, I can now run faster than a rocket. Well, strictly speaking, I can now run faster that the Rocket–or rather a … Continue reading

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I have discovered Jupiter

I am 46 years of age and I have just discovered Jupiter. This is a surprising revelation, even to me. I have strong memories of being a child besotted with things astronomical. Looking back now, however, I have to wonder … Continue reading

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Oddly Connect

The germ of this post started with a remark by Kristi, who was struck on a recent visit to the UK by the number of people reading on public transport. I was reading a piece from this week’s Nature as … Continue reading

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