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Are CPIES edible? Three weeks in the world’s roughest seas.

“We retrieved a CPIES array at C09 after completion of the CTD. We are now finishing C11 and will steam to C12 leaving six stations to complete on this leg. Good weather is contributing greatly to our progress.” That’s the … Continue reading

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Yesssss, we will have you for dinner, preciousssss…

I’m celebrating that this week has – finally – seen the publication of a paper my colleague Sam Bowser and I have been working on with some others for a very long time. You can check it out here (it’s … Continue reading

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It’s the need to communicate..

Martin Fenner suggested that the NN bloggers write about their blogs and why we do it. So here’s my bit. 1. What is your blog about? I am trying to put the people behind the science into the spotlight: the … Continue reading

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Sam, the foram man… or: how art inspires science

Sam Bowser is a biologist at the Wadsworth Center in Albany, New York. He studies Foraminifera, a fascinating group of protists or single-celled organisms. His first Antarctic field season was in 1984, 24 years ago. Sam is currently deployed with … Continue reading

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Time to come home, love…

I’ve mentioned before on Noah’s blog, in the middle of a debate about Sarah Palin (thank goodness we don’t have to think about her anymore, at least for a while!) that I’d had experience with the past years’ US science … Continue reading

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