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Are we there yet?

So this is the seventh day in a row that I’ve posted, as I set out to do. What did I learn? I picked an odd time of year indeed to do this I will not continue posting every day. … Continue reading

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Blood Falls

My husband just stole the one power-cord we have with an adapter for our laptops (bought in the US), and my battery is low. So, here’s something worth seeing if you haven’t: Blood falls Peter Rejcek, NSF “Blood Falls seeps … Continue reading

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Time to speed it up?

Picture this: a lab with one or more people huddled over well-aged stereo microscopes, staring intently into glass Petri dishes or small trays filled with a splash of water and marine sediment. They occasionally move sand grains and detritus aside … Continue reading

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What’s your daemon?

Rather than starting on some reading that’s piling up on my shelves and various online sources that I should do, I started re-reading Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy. (By the way, re-reading is completely ok according to one commenter on … Continue reading

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Outside the comfort zone

The best things in my life have happened when I’ve been pushed – or pushed myself – just outside of my ‘comfort zone’. When opportunities arise, there’s always a decision to make: will you go for it or not? Will … Continue reading

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Help! My butt is freezing!

The Nature Climate Feedback blog reports of a talk given at this year’s American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco on evidence of significant warming of the Antarctic in the last 50 years. In 2000/2001, I spent two months at … Continue reading

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Mothers rule

It’s exactly the right kind of time for some serious mother-appreciation. My mother is with us this evening; right now, she and my son are doing a ‘science experiment’ from a little booklet I picked up (it’s a clever little … Continue reading

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I still don’t get blogging

The next few days – until 2 January – I will have my first few real days off in a long, long time. Considering we moved from Colorado to Germany this year, I started a new job, we all started … Continue reading

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It’s… X-mas time??

It’s almost Christmas, and this is the first year that my now five-year old son is really wondering what it’s all about. Of course, he does hear about god and Jesus elsewhere, and there are lots of activities everywhere. So … Continue reading

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The smell of seawater and formalin

Jacob Holtmann was born on the Island of Helgoland in 1938 and has lived there almost his entire life. He is from an old Helgoland family – his ancestor came to the Island in 1634. Today, Helgoland is dominated by … Continue reading

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