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Let’s do this together

One of the things about polar research – in the Arctic and the Antarctic – I’ve always found interesting and just plain cool is that it’s pretty international. These environments are remote and harsh enough, and operations and logistics are … Continue reading

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No Sir, she is not a bullshit artist

So, as promised, here’s more about this gutsy lady: Her name is Adeline Coyac (Addie), and I’ll let her tell you about what drives her in her own words: “I started diving when I was 15 years old. At first, … Continue reading

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There’s a post I really have to spend some time on… I promise I’ll get to that this coming week. In that post, I’ll tell you who the crazy gutsy person is in this picture: Yes… that’s ice. Apart from … Continue reading

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Sometimes, really big is just big enough

There’s a new, big building site in my hometown of Hamburg, Germany: the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser, or European XFEL, a mega science facility funded by 16 European countries to be commissioned in 2014. Actually, it’s three building sites, two … Continue reading

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I am knot dumb.

Really, I am. As I mentioned, my husband is currently setting up a cruise on the icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer, off to chase icebergs (part III of the project). Since I’ve been quite involved with that project in my former … Continue reading

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