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Fire up the laser!

So tomorrow is the day – my first day at the European XFEL. There is much to do until the facility is ready for science in 2014 – first, there are contracts to sign by a number of different countries, … Continue reading

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Just something to consider

Good luck to every science blogger who is participating in the competition to go to the Antarctic with Quark Expeditions! And congratulations to clever Quark who, by recruiting science bloggers, may get some sciencey/environmental validation for their enterprise this way. … Continue reading

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It’s always good to know there’s someone

I was quite excited recently to receive an alert about this new paper by Nomaki et al. The authors ‘labelled’ phytoplankton – microscopic algae – with the carbon stable isotope 13C, which is quite easily done by adding amounts of … Continue reading

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I’ve always found the process of how we decide what to say and what to ‘hold back’ in different situations and interactions with people quite intriguing. Obviously, one would say different things – and in a different way – to … Continue reading

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