What a ride!

In the last few hours of this year, there’s just enough time for a quick review of my 2009. It’s been full of events, most of which I never saw coming.

This was the year in which I had a public wardrobe malfunction (which I was blissfully unaware of at the time). One of my posts was featured on the NN blogs page for a little while – ironically, not one of those I like most or even thought was very good. I’ve experienced some of the best (explained brilliantly by Eva in this post) and (naively unaware of this until then) stumbled across some of the worst of the internet.

In another drastic reshuffle I started a new job – again – which turns out to be an excellent fit as well as a huge challenge, both professionally and, in some respect, personally (more about that maybe next year). I am learning lots of new – and sometimes strange – things. On this job, I got to chat a little bit with Bill Brinkmann and shake the hand of Ada Yonath (proof: you can see my head sticking off at about 2 o’clock from Dr. Yonath’s) – and was totally humbled on both occasions. What amazing people.

Otherwise, it’s been more good than bad: my husband was only gone for a few weeks this year, for the first time in a while. My son started school. I ran so little, it started feeling normal not to go out for a run. MT4 didn’t get rolled out at NN. We got ourselves an allotment and my husband made monster noises after doing his German homework on several occasions.

I am excited to see what 2010 will bring. May lots of good things happen to all of you!

This post was first published on Nature Network, which has since been discontinued. The post has been moved to SciLogs.

About steffi suhr

Once upon a time, I was an enthusiastic and hopeful biological oceanographer who did a bunch of work in the Antarctic. I was alternately wearing labcoats or extreme weather clothing and hard hats, but have long since swapped survival suits for dress suits and do science management, currently as the BioMedBridges project manager at the European Bioinformatics Institute. I still like to use my brain. I'm a German serial expat, currently - again - living in the UK.
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7 Responses to What a ride!

  1. Heather Etchevers says:

    And to you, Steffi. Looking forward to following what the new year brings you, and I hope it will be wonderful.

  2. Eva Amsen says:

    That is barely a wardrobe malfunction.

  3. Åsa Karlström says:

    pah, I second Eva; if that is a wardrobe malfunction…. wait, that might say more about me than anything 😉
    I wish you a great year Steffi with lots of good thins to happen too!

  4. steffi suhr says:

    Thanks girls! My reaction to the ‘malfunction’ is probably due to the year having been so full of contrasts – no prob in a London pub, but if that had happened at work… let’s just say I had to buy my first proper (=matching jacket and trousers) suit for work a few weeks ago.

  5. Stephen Curry says:

    About that photo – I have to say that I didn’t notice!

  6. steffi suhr says:

    See, this is how out of touch I am: I completely missed this last year. How cute!!

  7. Alyssa Gilbert says:

    I hope 2010 brings much happiness to you!

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