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Of fairy rings and other mysteries

I just came back up from our cellar, where I was looking through a couple of cardboard boxes that I hadn’t opened since we moved from Colorado. The boxes are full of research papers on benthic foraminifera, left over from … Continue reading

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Worlds colliding in a blizzard

An international, billion Euro project like the European XFEL obviously involves a fair bit of politics and diplomacy, but also paperwork and bureaucracy. We’re coming up to a big meeting of the European XFEL Council, and a fair bit of … Continue reading

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Why do we do this again?

This seems like a particularly good time to focus on what’s nice about blogging. Dunno why. And if anyone reads this who doesn’t know what I’m talking about: you don’t want to know. Really. Anyway, coincidentally I just stumbled across … Continue reading

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