For all brave and tired parents out there

The reactions on Twitter to my post here from yesterday were unexpected, funny and heartwarming. (Also: scary.) I put some of them together on Storify to share.

(If anyone can tell me how to embed this better/prettier, please do!)

Making it look possible – working through small baby sleep deprivation

  1. Working full time with a small baby? The challenges. @stuffysour is told You make it look possible  – but at a cost
  2. @profserious @AtheneDonald thx! Sounds like @stuffysour has a harder time than I – couldn’t do it without @expertsleepers being around!
  3. @DrAnnaLCox @AtheneDonald @profserious @stuffysour #ucl gives 3 months teaching sabbatical when u return after mat leave. Essential!
  4. @DrAnnaLCox @AtheneDonald @profserious @stuffysour tho when twins were 5 mo I went into liver failure. Docs wouldn’t believe I hadn’t +
  5. @DrAnnaLCox @AtheneDonald @profserious @stuffysour slept more than an hour at a time for 5mo, & didn’t think sleep depr was cause of illness
  6. @DrAnnaLCox @stuffysour @AtheneDonald @profserious yeah. Tbh, 1st six months with twins was a nitemare, so it’s just part of that!
  7. @stuffysour @AtheneDonald Agreed! The sleep deprivation made maintaining concentration and memory a huge challenge.
  8. @melissaterras @profserious @stuffysour @expertsleepers When no2 was ~8 mths my legs so feeble when lecturing thought I was developing MS
  9. @AtheneDonald @stuffysour Motherhood has had big impact on my career. My kid is 3 and has slept through only 5 times since birth. Knackered.
  10. @AtheneDonald @melissaterras @profserious @stuffysour when no2 was 12mths I told GP “feeling this tired all the time just isn’t normal”
  11. @AtheneDonald @melissaterras @profserious @stuffysour honestly thought I must have a serious illness. GP told me to move to the countryside!
  12. @AtheneDonald @stuffysour Even part-time the sleep deprivation with no. 2 was almost unendurable. How to think with cotton wool for brains?
  13. .@drkatedevlin @stuffysour @AtheneDonald Mrs A said recently she couldn’t recall an undisturbed night’s sleep in 10 yrs. Jr 1 9.5, No.2 5.5.

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