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You make it look possible

After my younger son was born earlier this year, I was at home for 11 weeks before I went back to work. He stayed with my mother for a bit before he could start nursery at three months. Two weeks … Continue reading

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Somewhere in Essex

Or: Leaving Germany – again? For good? Whatever Yes, I’ve gone and done it again – moved my family to a different country. Or should I say back to an old country? I’ve moved from Germany to the UK again, … Continue reading

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Long, Slow Distance

First, I want to talk about cheese. Some cheese, yesterday. I heard the term “big cheese” used in reference to a person for the first time in the mid-nineties, when I moved to the UK. Of course I wondered why … Continue reading

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This is us, trying to fit in

**Or “Who cares if it’s der, die or das Tür – it’s a f%$#%*g door!!”** I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, and now – after I was locked out of my blog for over two days … Continue reading

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Worlds colliding in a blizzard

An international, billion Euro project like the European XFEL obviously involves a fair bit of politics and diplomacy, but also paperwork and bureaucracy. We’re coming up to a big meeting of the European XFEL Council, and a fair bit of … Continue reading

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Why do we do this again?

This seems like a particularly good time to focus on what’s nice about blogging. Dunno why. And if anyone reads this who doesn’t know what I’m talking about: you don’t want to know. Really. Anyway, coincidentally I just stumbled across … Continue reading

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And now for some perspective

We are in the middle of frantic last minute preparations for a rather big event on 30 November – the signing of the “international convention on the construction and operation of the European XFEL facility” and joining of the first … Continue reading

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A day in our lives

She The alarm goes off at 5:30 am: this is as late as I can get away with. There is no time to hit the snooze button or just lie there for a minute – if I hit the snooze … Continue reading

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“You’re always at work now, mommy!”

…my son said this morning while I was frantically rushing around to get dressed, pack my lunch, throw the laptop in my bag and grab my charged mobile phone, and run out of the door to catch the bus at … Continue reading

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Wait – fire up the neurons first!

Hold on a minute with that laser! This new job comes with an incredible amount of information that needs to be absorbed/internalized/processed: 14 countries are involved, plus the German Electron Synchrotron DESY. To complicate things, the contributions by the different … Continue reading

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