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The Power of Research

Two days ago, on 23 February, a strategy browser game called “Power of research” was launched. Development of the game was supported by the European Commission with FP7 funding. It is supposed to inspire young Europeans to pursue scientific careers … Continue reading

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Lights, camera, action – or: when science goes *BANG*

David Bradley shared a link the other day that cost us a couple of hours already this weekend – he pointed us to the periodic table of videos by the wonderful people at Nottingham University. This is a series of … Continue reading

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It’s a control thing, dummy

I enjoyed Science Online London 2009. One topic that seemed to come up in different sessions, particularly on Friday at the wonderful FringeFrivolous, is PR. Here is a loose collection of things that I heard people said about it: it’s … Continue reading

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Look closer

Last weekend my son, niece, mother and I visited a nature center dedicated to otters, martens, ermines, badgers and the like. It was fantastic. One of my favourite moments was – besides seeing an ermine couple hang out in their … Continue reading

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I’ve always found the process of how we decide what to say and what to ‘hold back’ in different situations and interactions with people quite intriguing. Obviously, one would say different things – and in a different way – to … Continue reading

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On the origin of… species?

Hang on, am I still on time with this? I made up my mind late about participating and have to start with a disclaimer: this is not going to be an in-depth discussion of the topic – just a collection … Continue reading

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Eisen vs. Iceberg

Iron, which occurs in trace amounts in the oceans, is a limiting element for phytoplankton growth – this is old news. In the early 1990s, the oceanographer John Martin (then at Moss Landing Marine Labs) said “Give me a half … Continue reading

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It’s the need to communicate..

Martin Fenner suggested that the NN bloggers write about their blogs and why we do it. So here’s my bit. 1. What is your blog about? I am trying to put the people behind the science into the spotlight: the … Continue reading

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Sam, the foram man… or: how art inspires science

Sam Bowser is a biologist at the Wadsworth Center in Albany, New York. He studies Foraminifera, a fascinating group of protists or single-celled organisms. His first Antarctic field season was in 1984, 24 years ago. Sam is currently deployed with … Continue reading

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