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Where photons will fly

Today was one of those work days that makes working at the European XFEL fun, despite all challenges and frustrations. Around lunchtime, I found myself standing in one of the photon tunnels of the facility. We were giving a tour … Continue reading

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Pretty face

Remember this? This beautiful photo of a mummified seal, which was taken by my dear husband in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, was seen by Andy Foote, a marine mammal researcher who for some reason happened to read my blog … Continue reading

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Ice – from around the corner

Although these are very busy times for me, this blog should not be completely quiet. So here are some more pictures of ice. No, not from where you’re thinking: this time it’s from around the corner in our forest. Ok, … Continue reading

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Shake Hands with Danger

If you ever think about what it would be like to work in the Antarctic… bulldozers, trucks and cranes are probably not the first things that come to mind. But it takes many different things to support research on the … Continue reading

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Of glaciers gone

I do have to thank myself again for giving my husband a slide scanner for Christmas. Here’s another treasure: a picture of him skiing near Palmer Station, taken on 7 December 1997. The glacier he is on is near “Skua … Continue reading

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Transient shapes

I am now thoroughly bored with the bronchitis and fever I’ve been battling since Christmas Eve. So I thought I’ll post some photos instead of just sitting here coughing… These are slides my husband took along the Western Antarctic Peninsula … Continue reading

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Of fairy rings and other mysteries

I just came back up from our cellar, where I was looking through a couple of cardboard boxes that I hadn’t opened since we moved from Colorado. The boxes are full of research papers on benthic foraminifera, left over from … Continue reading

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A Hi in the Snow

This picture of people in the snow at Palmer Station was taken on 2 November from a NASA plane on a flyover that was part of Operation Ice Bridge. Stacie Murray, who is the Chef at Palmer this season, describes … Continue reading

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This won’t last much longer

I have been riding my bicycle to and from work almost every day for a week. The total distance is about 19 or 20 km each way. Still life with bike A good stretch of the route is a shortcut … Continue reading

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We’re just whimps, really

The lab in Scott’s Hut at Cape Royds, Antarctica In 1910–1913, Captain Robert Falcon Scott made his second attempt to reach the South Pole during the Terra Nova Expedition — and never returned. The party did, however, get a good … Continue reading

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