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Pregnancy? If you ask me, we’re doing it wrong

Pregnancy is beautiful – or so they say. Well, I beg to differ. Interesting or even fascinating? Yes, definitely. But also inconvenient, weird and just plain impractical. I have to disclose that, even as a young girl, I’ve always found … Continue reading

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Last night at the gingerbread house..

My brother and his family visited us over Christmas. As we did the presents-bit in the evening on Christmas Eve we had some time to kill earlier in the day.. which we did effectively with a massive gingerbreadhousesweetdecorationorama. The thing … Continue reading

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Career impediments

A bit over a year ago now, sitting at Berlin central station after a three-day training seminar, sipping a latte while waiting for the train, I was chatting with a medical doctor/researcher at a big cancer research institute in Germany … Continue reading

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Something more glamorous

I just had a bit of an experience while uploading an old photo to Facebook – this one: A dirty girl, ca. August 1998 Ok, maybe it was the caption I put with the photo – but still! Anyway, if … Continue reading

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Happy birthday OT!

Dear OT, I wish you all the best for your first birthday. I apologise that this is coming a bit later than the congratulations from my fellow OT-ters (otters?), but it’s been that kind of day. And that kind of … Continue reading

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Pretty face

Remember this? This beautiful photo of a mummified seal, which was taken by my dear husband in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, was seen by Andy Foote, a marine mammal researcher who for some reason happened to read my blog … Continue reading

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Galley bathroom reminder

This beautifully handcrafted sign hangs as a reminder (and maybe a warning?) on the door of the toilet that is located right next to the galley at Palmer Station, Antarctica: Apparently, it’s not a plumbing problem – it’s the proximity.

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Planes, trains and meeting rooms

I find myself traveling quite a bit again these days. I used to travel a lot for meetings to discuss and plan research cruises when I worked for the USAP, then not so much during my rather brief stint in … Continue reading

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Lights, camera, action – or: when science goes *BANG*

David Bradley shared a link the other day that cost us a couple of hours already this weekend – he pointed us to the periodic table of videos by the wonderful people at Nottingham University. This is a series of … Continue reading

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Caught in a Bad Project

Can I just say that this spoof on the Lady Gaga song “Bad romance” is pure brilliance: The internet is amazing: the video was posted three days ago and I saw it this morning after a (non-scientist) friend pointed it … Continue reading

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