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I’m rather proud of my Science Blogging 2008 T-shirt. Brown isn’t my favourite colour, but the logo looks good and I wear it in the knowledge that it’s a pretty exclusive brand. So I spent a day last month parading it around midtown Manila. I don’t know what I expected but it didn’t attract any attention (well, except for the usual invitations to buy a Rolex or some Viagra).
Although SMS texting is the number one preoccupation in the Philippines, blogging does seem quite popular too. I read one article in the Manila press commenting that a series of recent corruption exposes had shown the power of political bloggers there in rooting out wrong-doing.
Science blogging seems still to be in its infancy though. I found a list of Filipino science blogs but it has just nine blogs and most of them cover science only incidentally, that is hardly at all.
More interesting is the Filipino Voices blog where I found a post about the problems of Filipino science . Professor Flor Lacanilao, a respected Pinoy scientist, has drawn attention to the lack of meritocracy in Philippine science, criticising the National Academy of Science and Technology.
Lacanilao stresses the importance of publication in peer reviewed journals. He says that in the Philippines poor research practice contributes to the lack of a publication culture and severely compromises graduate training and education. It’s good to see forthright views being expressed so freely.
Finally, I am happy to see that there is a Filipino librarian blog

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I am a librarian in a biomedical research institute. I've been around a few years, long enough to know that exciting new things fall into the same familiar patterns. I'm interested in navigating a path for libraries as we move further from print to electronic resources to open research, and become more embedded in research workflows.
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4 Responses to Blogging in the Philippines

  1. Stephen Curry says:

    Brown isn’t my favourite colour
    It’s brown I thought it was grey. Can anyone else confirm? Perhaps this is my colour-blindness kicking in again. I discovered within the past couple of years that I have problems distinguishing grey and green and am no longer allowed to go shopping unaccompanied.

  2. Frank Norman says:

    Well, grey-brown? Or it’s quite possibly my colour-blindness.
    The MRC’s new logo colour is defined as warm grey, but it has a brownish look to me.

  3. Von Totanes says:

    thanks for the link. you might be interested in some of our open access journals
    if you’re still in the philippines, let me know if you’d like to meet =)

  4. Frank Norman says:

    Thanks Von for the OA journals list. I’m back in UK now but planning a return trip to be in Manila again for late Dec into New year.

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