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Walter Morley Fletcher

The lecture hall in my Institute dates back to the 1930s. It has a simple design with excellent acoustics, typical of its era. It is called the Fletcher Memorial Hall, which begs the question – who he? Just outside the … Continue reading

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Finding history in weeding

I mentioned here recently that my Library is going through another wave of major relocation and disposal. Previous waves over the last 15 years have seen us moving large card catalogues, abstracting and indexing tools and older journals and putting … Continue reading

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Impact – a view from 1924

I sometimes have to hunt through old Annual Reports of the Medical Research Council to look for snippets of history about people or research and it is often striking how the broad themes addressed are still with us today. Take … Continue reading

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Digitising genetics

The Wellcome Trust will spend £3.9 million on a two-year pilot project – Modern Genetics and its Foundations. Drawing on the Wellcome Library’s rich collections, the project will digitise 1400 books on genetics and heredity published between 1850 and 1990, … Continue reading

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Old originals

I’ve commented before that librarians are great sharers and networkers. For those of working in small libraries the chance to get out and meet fellow practitioners is always valuable. I meet up with other MRC Librarians twice a year, most … Continue reading

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