Art appreciation class

Here’s a shockingly bad photo* of a painting in a local restaurant.

Mr E Man and I ate there for the first time last week, and had a disagreement about the interpretation of this painting. It reminded both of us of Moulin Rouge, obviously, but I was struck by the contrast between Nicole Kidman’s visible joy and sense of fun in her scene on the swing, and the sadness on the face of this woman.

“She’s not sad”, opined my husband, “she’s scared. Of falling off the swing, or of the audience grabbing her or something”.

The waiter agreed with me, even though Mr E Man was holding the bill and his credit card.

I know it’s a terrible photo, but what do you think?!

*Mr E Man has borrowed my iPhone AGAIN today, leaving me in the dark ages with no music to listen to or games to play. If this continues I’m hoping he’ll want to keep it, so I can justify getting the new model with quadruple the capacity and a much better camera.

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10 Responses to Art appreciation class

  1. Mermaid says:

    I agree with you – she looks sad. Scared looks different. I also think Mr E Man should get you a new phone, so he can have yours (instead of leaving you with the DTs without yours :).What restaurant? Was it good or did it leave you sad too?

  2. Mrs. CH says:

    Totally agree with you too. Like Mermaid said, those two look very different – and men have a hard time sensing "sad" (which is why sometimes us women have to cry to get the damn point across!).Good luck with getting Mr E Man to take on your cell so you can get a new one!

  3. Tina says:

    I have to agree with your husband.To me, it looks like she's clenching the ropes and her shoulders and arms are uptight. She's looking down with apprehension. That's fear.

  4. ScientistMother says:

    I go with sad. I heard rumors that a new model was coming out but couldn't confirm anything. Now I wish I had waited another month! URGH

  5. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Mermaid, I'm not going to push him on it, I'm just hoping the intrinsic awesomeness of my phone will do it for me! He called this morning asking for my iTunes password so he could download a spirit level application to use at work and to show off to his buddies, so maybe it's working…The restaurant was the new Stella's, on Cambie/20th (the one I tried to take you to before it actually opened – d'oh!). The menu is similar to the one on Commercial that we often go to, but with fewer tapas options and more main courses. Same fantastic beer selection though. Everything we tried was excellent! You should probably move into the neighbourhood so you can try it.Mrs CH, nice interpretation of the reason for the disagreement! I will have to put it to Mr E Man for comment!Tina, that is a very interesting point. I was focusing on the face. But maybe she's just pulling on the ropes to move the swing…? I still think her face looks sad.SM, that sucks. A friend of mine KNEW the new versions were coming out (because I told him), but still bought the 8GB model TWO DAYS before the change!!!

  6. Thomas Joseph says:

    She looks bored. Sort of how I looked when I was dragged to see Moulin Rouge by my wife.

  7. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    LOL! Quite possibly.I loved Moulin Rouge, it was just so… different. And energetic and colourful. I wouldn't want to watch too much of that style of film, but as a one-off I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  8. Nina says:

    she looks arrogant. She is looking down on those people!

  9. uphilldowndale says:

    Her feet hurt, she wants to kick those boots off

  10. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    You guys are much better at this than I am!

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