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Bragging Rights Central: stats and a reminder about the annual vote!

It’s that time of year again! The shortlist of my favourite blog comments for the year is down to 33 entries, and as soon as I’ve managed to whittle it down to 12, we will be ready for a vote! … Continue reading

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QUIZ: Elementary, my dear readers!

Ooh, this is gonna be a good one! Remember that this time I’ve activated comment moderation (for the first time EVAH), and you have 24(ish) hours to submit as many answers as you can before I open up the comments … Continue reading

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The people have spoken!

Poll results The next quiz will be posted at 7am PST on Friday, November 5th. Comments will be closed for the first 24 hours (well, probably more like 26 or 27, because I’m not getting up early on a Saturday … Continue reading

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Quiz format changes – another reader poll!

I’ve looked through the remaining pages of my now-famous desk calendar, and there is one more sciency quiz left! In the quizzes I’ve done so far, I’ve kept the comments completely open but asked that people submit only one answer … Continue reading

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Friday Quiz: Missing Links

It’s time for another quiz taken from my puzzle of the day desk calendar! I think I’m going to have to buy myself another calendar next year if Santa doesn’t bring me one; it’s provided some really fun blogging experiences. … Continue reading

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Hockey Pool!

Back for the 2010-2011 season by popular demand*! The pool works in the same way as last year’s: you pick two centres, four wingers, three defensemen and one goalie from the lists on the website. (The lists highlight injured and … Continue reading

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Friday Wednesday Quiz-ology

Yes folks, it’s time for another fun quiz from my puzzle-a-day desk calendar!   I was going to save this for Friday, but I just submitted a grant after much stress and panic and lost sleep,* so I could do … Continue reading

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Friday Quiz: Scrambled Geometry

My sister-in-law got me a “puzzle of the day” desk calendar for Christmas. She apologised profusely for not getting me anything “better” (by which she meant “more expensive”), but honestly it’s one of the best presents I got! Some of … Continue reading

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One week to go!

Excitement is building in the lead-up to the Olympics. I don’t want to bore those readers with no interest in winter sports, but inevitably I am going to be blogging about the Games a LOT. I’ll be focusing on the … Continue reading

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Ah, the joys of dual citizenship! (Winter Olympics pool sign-up thread)

Honestly, I am sooooo glad that my two countries are good at different sports! The Olympics start in two weeks! Yay! Does anyone want to repeat the pool from Beijing?If so, please declare your country(s) and estimated medal count in … Continue reading

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