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Still Alive! Not Kidnapped. Quick Update; Boring Title. Prediction Accurate. New Job! Job Awesome. Constantly Challenged; Brain Full (Good Thing). Hosting Parents. Hubby Unemployed (Prospects Excellent). Routines Obliterated. Resolutions Abandoned. Sleep Deprived. Negligible Exercise. Zero Me-time. Craving Solitude. Hockey Pool! (Late – … Continue reading

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Victoria Secrets

One of the things that makes you feel a long way from home when you move to a foreign country is that you have no idea when the long weekends fall. We get a pretty good deal here in British … Continue reading

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“What’s the difference between Mick Jagger and a Scottish farmer?”

Thus begins the last really good joke I heard, several years ago now; answer at the bottom! I recently realised that I never hear new jokes any more. I had an actual joke book as a small kid, and my … Continue reading

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Pacific surf, the coast by starlight, and the Cascades: San Diego to Vancouver by train

or: what you gain when you’re not too vain to deign to let the train take the main strain. As I said in my last post, a meeting with collaborators in La Jolla last week probably represented my last chance … Continue reading

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Friday quiz: science mnemonics

From the same puzzle of the day desk calendar that gave us the science anagram puzzles post back in February, here’s an entry called “Abbreviated Science”! There are six science-related1 mnemonics listed below. The actual calendar page also listed the … Continue reading

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Just desserts

One of my molecular pathologist colleagues just came up with a beautiful little phrase that has made me re-think my prior criticism of his field’s terminology. “We’ve got some soufflé data”, he said. “It looks incredibly promising if you peek … Continue reading

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