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Plight of the living deadlines

Today was a momentous day. I submitted two progress reports to our private sector collaborator, looked at my calendar, and realised that I don’t have to lurch immediately into a panic about another deadline! Yep, for the first time since … Continue reading

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I’m not insane. My mother had me tested.

The recent conversation at DrugMonkey’s place about responding to previous grant reviews has proved very timely; I’m currently working on the first grant resubmission for which I’ve been chief wrangler. There have been some unbloggably hilarious emails pinging around between … Continue reading

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Feeding the Science Tamagotchi

It started during my undergrad research project. “I have to go into the lab tomorrow morning to feed all my cells, so I can’t stay out too late tonight or have a hangover tomorrow”, I’d say. After comments along the … Continue reading

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Remember remember…

July through November, Abstracts and budgets and pain. I see no reason Why grant deadline season Should ever leave you sane. So, I’ve managed to extend the usual season (which started August 15th, when I submitted one full grant as … Continue reading

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A week in grant wrangling

Following Frank’s excellent example, it seemed like a good week to present a week’s worth of daily bulletins about what I actually do for a living. As I alluded to in my last post it’s the busiest time of year … Continue reading

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Nota bene

“It is disrespectful to the speaker to show up to a lab meeting – especially one at which a student is giving a practice presentation for an upcoming comprehensive exam and has specifically asked for feedback – without a pen, … Continue reading

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The EndNote is nigh

First of all, many thanks to all of you who commented on my last post. My mother-in-law isn’t out of the woods yet, but is taking baby steps in the right direction. We’re all gradually exhaling and trying to adjust … Continue reading

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Update on two previous posts…

…because I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats. 1) We had the “good riddance, pink form!” party that my colleague suggested when our internal grant review form was retired. Someone made pink cupcakes, I brought pink … Continue reading

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When the NIH and UK Research Councils sneeze…

…does the CIHR catch a cold? From an email I received last week, titled “CIHR Funding News: Issue 104 – Results of the March 2011 Operating Grants Competition”: Looking ahead, it seems clear that we will continue to be challenged … Continue reading

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