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Blog: Girl, Interrupting

Sylvia McLain has been a field biologist, a fisheries field technician, an evolutionary biology research technician, a high school science teacher, an inorganic chemist, a condensed matter physicist and is currently a Biochemistry research fellow.

She also taught English in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China in the 90’s, was a raft guide on the Chattooga River in South Carolina for 4 years, a bicycle mechanic, and is a retired rock climber and kayaker.

She has a BS in Zoology, an MSc in Science Education and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry all from the University of Tennessee. After her PhD Sylvia was a NSF international post-doctoral research fellow at the ISIS Neutron Scattering Facility (STFC, UK), a Clifford G. Shull fellow at Oak Ridge National Lab (USA)and a VIP Wellcome Trust Fellow at King’s College London. She now works as an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow looking at the atomic structure of peptides, lipids and membranes in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford (not Mississippi). She is an author of ~30 technical research publications, and has been published once in the London Review of Books, here (OK, it was a letter to the editor but it’s still cool).

She also likes to interrupt people with her opinion, but is trying to listen more – and she has nice friends who read her blog posts anyway…(and she finds it a bit creepy to write in the 3rd person).

If you are really interested in her research record – you can go here.

Even though she works at University of Oxford, Sylvia’s views are hers, not theirs.