Blog: VWXYNot?

Cath started blogging in May 2007, on Blogspot. She’d completed her postdoc a couple of years earlier and was working in marketing in the biotech industry, where the combination of boring, repetitive tasks and tight deadlines was gradually crushing her soul and dulling her brain. After reading a journal article about science blogs she started to read and comment on a growing number of sites, found a community of like-minded people, and recognised a potential outlet for her own pent-up writing and scientific energies.

A few months later she managed to move back into academia, in her current grant wrangling / project management role. With her itch to write seriously about science now being (mostly) satisfied by my day job, her blog became progressively more silly. She experimented for a while with moving the scientific part of my blogging (most of which is also silly) to Nature Network, but in July 2010 realised how much more satisfying it is to combine scientific and other posts in one venue. She jumped at the chance to join her friends, excellent writers all, as a founding member of Occam’s Typewriter.