About Blogging Beyond

Welcome to Blogging Beyond.

As well as here at Blogging Beyond, you can find my writing on Occam’s Corner, which was part of The Guardian‘s Science Blogging Network at the time. My writing can be found in a few other places online and in print as well.

Here is a brief biography of Blogging Beyond.

  • In spring 2008 I entered the Imperial College Science Challenge, with a response to the question “How would my knowledge of my genetic makeup affect my lifestyle?” You can read my winning response here. For the record, I stand by my answer today.
  • The essay that comprises my response won the Science Challenge and went on to win then Daily Telegraph/Bayer Science Writer competition in the same year
  • In the publicity surrounding these two victories, I was asked at least twice, do you blog? do you have a blog? you should have a blog! Right, I thought, maybe I should have a blog.
  • In October 2008, the first post on Blogging the PhD was published, and Blogging the PhD was born. At that time, Blogging the PhD was part of Nature Network.
  • In November 2008, my essay was published in Nature Futures with the title Birthday Surprises
  • In December 2010, Blogging the PhD left Nature Network to become a founding blog, and hence I a founding blogger, here at Occam’s Typewriter.
  • In the spring of 2011, I contributed to Seven ages of the PhD, a Comment piece that formed part of a Nature Special on The Future of the PhD. In Seven Ages…, PhD graduates from each of seven dates from the 1950s to the 2010s wrote about their memories of being a PhD student. I was the most junior contributor and the only one who was a PhD student at the time of writing. I consider this piece of writing to hold true as well.
  • I changed the title of Blogging the PhD to Blogging Beyond when I finished my PhD in 2013.
  • Incidentally, Nature Network was discontinued in December 2013.