Testimonials from Twitter

Touching testimonies, mostly from Twitter

Hope it works out. You certainly have a sharp mind.

— Jesse Luke (@RealJesseLuke) January 11, 2020

I like the fact you don’t seem to have any axes to grind here. And you are always honest, to a fault!

— Dr Annie Hickox (@dranniehickox) April 11, 2020

OMG Erika, I keep stumbling over random cool things you have done x

— Steph 🌻 @sallan2@mas.to (@eolasinntinn) April 10, 2023

From WhatsApp

Erika Thank you for believing in me Claire You’re very easy to believe in!

Impromptu career advice from Claire Baker. December 20, 2023.

By email, from the leader of a volunteer project I took on for a week.

Testimonial from email, spring 2024.

Testimonial from email.