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Lies, Damned Lies – and Rank-ordered Lists

The end of the year is traditionally the time for lists remembering the year just gone: lists of those who died (and, for so-called stars, their marriages and divorces too), events that happened, films that bombed or triumphed, public gaffes … Continue reading

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The Art of Festive Conversation

A frivolous post appropriate to the time of year. Type ‘conversation’ into Amazon, and you’ll get a whole list of self-help books, such as: The Art of Conversation, Or, What to Say, and When; How to Talk to Anyone: 92 … Continue reading

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On Passion

In the past few weeks there have been a number of articles commenting on the lack of women fronting up science on TV. First there was Jenny Rohn writing on ‘In which I Contemplate the Ranks of the Invisible’, quickly … Continue reading

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Where’s the Wow Factor?

Where’s the Wow Factor? was a question posed at the Physics Meets Biology meeting in September in the context of teaching Biological Physics, as I discussed before.  I was reminded of this question while attending this year’s Institute of Physics … Continue reading

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The Media and (Un)Constructive Reporting – the David Lammy Saga

This week, universities and their funding have been much in the news, coupled with telling images of the anger of many students around the country at the proposed hike in fees.  Another story also hit the news about universities, or … Continue reading

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