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Sagacity or Self-Centredness?

What should one talk about when asked to talk about one’s life, career path and general advice to a group of young persons? I use that awkward term advisedly to cover the range of categories that encompass schoolchildren, students, postgrads … Continue reading

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Skeletons and Unconscious Bias

As scientists we like to believe that we seek and interpret evidence impartially. That has been the accepted position for generations. The reality is of course that we are sometimes influenced, unconsciously or otherwise, by received opinion, ‘experts’ or other … Continue reading

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No, not in the Darwinian sense but more in a socio-cultural one. This week I am at an annual conference that I have been attending on and off (but more on) for nearly 30 years, which is a rather sobering … Continue reading

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Surviving the Postdoc Experience – or Not

Last night I talked at an RSC/IOP event launching a report (Mapping the Future: Physics and Chemistry Researchers’ Experiences and Career Intentions) based on a survey of 776 postdocs. The report illustrates some interesting differences between the cultures experienced in … Continue reading

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Real Life Barbie Dolls

Have you come across the T shirts with the encouraging words I’m too PRETTY to do MATH blazoned across them in cute pink lettering? No, nor had I until they were brought to my attention by a member of the … Continue reading

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