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Now I am Five*

This week I was stalking people. Professionally of course. As a Trustee of the Science Museum a group of us were invited to do some ‘Gallery Observations’ of visitors to get a sense of how they interact with the exhibits. … Continue reading

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Choosing an Oxbridge College

As one cohort of students are celebrating (or coming to terms with) which university they’ll be heading off to this autumn, another cohort are considering their Year 12 results. For this latter group, decisions loom about UCAS forms. Which universities … Continue reading

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When Did You Decide to…..?

People seem to think that life travels in straight, orderly lines, with everything mapped out from birth. I have never felt that my life was like that and it is always startling when I find other people assume that I … Continue reading

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I Refuse to Think Like a Man

The recipe for success for women has been identified as Look like a girl, Act like a lady, Think like a man, Work like a boss. (or at least it was until the Bic South Africa advertising poster was pulled … Continue reading

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Those Annoying Little Habits

New lecturers are encouraged, possibly even compelled, to allow themselves to be videoed giving presentations/lectures so they can improve their teaching styles. Even before then, early career researchers may be offered that option and it is probably wise to accept. … Continue reading

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