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Who are You Calling a Geek?

In my last post, I threw out the fact that I didn’t feel the word ‘geek’ was necessarily going to encourage young girls to see science/engineering as a career for them, a point that was picked up both by my … Continue reading

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How Many Arms do you Have?

I was amused  by the throwaway comment Bettany Hughes made in her recent TV programme Divine Women  about the Hindu Goddess Kali’s many arms being ideal for multitasking. Academics of all ages would benefit from growing a few more limbs, … Continue reading

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Career Progression and the Research Landscape

Career progression for postdocs is a key issue that affects the health of our science base. It formed the basis for a discussion with Science Minister David Willetts at the Royal Institution this week, an event hosted by Evan Harris … Continue reading

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Do Scientists Believe in Luck?

I wrote previously about the results of the national ASSET survey into attitudes of men and women working in SET departments. Recently I have been looking at the results specifically for my own university. It is harder to make sense … Continue reading

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