In which the anticipation mounts: second call for Fringe-Frivolous Unconference 2010

I must say I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of being trapped on the Roof with the likes of you. Resistance is futile, but at least there will be Beer. As always, a stonking big thanks to Mendeley for their generous sponsorship.

We still have 18 places left, so if you’re a science blogger, twitterer or otherwise spend way too much time in the scientific virtual sphere, do consider joining in on the fun! And spread the word: the hashtag is #fringefriv10.

Everything you need to know about the event, including how to register, can be found on the FringeFriv forum topic on Nature Network. (Please don’t try to register on this comment thread, or my head will start spinning and smoking like one of those robots that Captain Kirk was always able to annihilate by sheer logic.)

Here’s who’s on the list so far. If you can no longer make it, please drop me a line.

Jennifer Rohn
Richard Grant
Frank Norman
Matt Brown
Steffi Suhr
David Kavanagh
Lou Woodley
Eva Amsen
Erika Cule
Joe Dunkley
Martin Fenner
Austin Elliott
Jim Caryl
Graham Steel
Alexander Knoll
David Dobbs
Sara Fletcher
Viktor Poór
Mark Hahnel
Dan Hagon
Kaitlin Thanay
Sarah Kendrew
Andrew Walkingshaw
Stuart Taylor
Jen Melinn
Pedro Parraguez Ruiz
Peter Murray-Rust
Jen Atkins
Bob O’Hara
Grrl Scientist
Alasdair Allan
Edward Gomez

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13 Responses to In which the anticipation mounts: second call for Fringe-Frivolous Unconference 2010

  1. Matt Brown says:

    Looking forward to it.
    And I’ll use this opportunity to bargepole in a plug for another fringe event: a free trip to the Diamond Light Source synchrotron on the Thursday evening. Book here

  2. Graham Steel says:

    M@, would love to attend the Thu. evening event, but cannot make it.
    Here’s a reminder of my mash up (of events) from #solo09 though starting with shots from #fringefriv09

  3. Bob O'Hara says:

    Oooh. Lots of cool people I really want to meet.
    And Richard Grant.

  4. Ralph Lasala says:

    Who is the coolest of all the cool people?

  5. Eva Amsen says:

    I thought Steffi wasn’t coming until Saturday? Or is she there Friday night? [hopeful…]

  6. Jennifer Rohn says:

    Is it cooler to be cool, or quirky?

  7. Frank Norman says:

    I think it depends on the direction and amplitude of the quirk.

  8. Jim Caryl says:

    Kirk never annihilated with logic, he used charm and a schmoozey smile (with an ample peppering of gumption) 😉
    Looking forward to the Fringe…

  9. Jennifer Rohn says:

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this point, Jim. I distinctly recall at least two episodes when he talked several robots into blowing themselves up because their actions were conflicting in internal logic.
    Now the female aliens…that’s another question entirely.

  10. Richard Wintle says:

    Sigh. Once again I must apologize for having to miss this most excellent event. I’ll have to wait for the video I suppose.
    Do enjoy yourselves, you lot.

  11. Jennifer Rohn says:

    So when are you visiting London?

  12. Richard P. Grant says:

    Yeah, the bastard owes me a drink.

  13. Richard Wintle says:

    @RPG – at least one.
    I’ve been hoping to visit London again for years now (last there in, um, er… 2006?). Sadly, travel budgets ain’t what they used to be, and I don’t get to the DECIPHER meeting at the Sanger any more (easy side-trip into London from there). Sigh.

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