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In which I become Justin Bieber

Sometimes the comment thread is the best part about blogging for The Guardian: The ultimate accolade.

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In which my language becomes everyone’s – for a moment

Following on from my piece in the Guardian this week about the chickenpox vaccine, my friend Buffy clued me in to this clever little number in the Onion that had been published the day before. It’s too gloriously sunny and … Continue reading

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In which we feel the force

It’s amazing what you can buy off the internet these days.

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In which I admire their honesty

Kudos to Mateja Erdani Kreft of the University of Ljubljana and Horst Robenek from the University of Münster for telling it like it is: You don’t often see such candor in the methods section of your local journal article – … Continue reading

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In which baking imitates science

It’s Friday, and Richard and I couldn’t help noticing that this croissant looked as if it were about to extravasate and transmigrate to the bottom of the oven, in search of…invading micro-organisms? Damaged tissue? Jam? We’ll never know, but check … Continue reading

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In which I yearn for retro lab chic

They don’t make ’em like they used to. Or at least, they don’t name ’em. Harry and I recently stumbled across this beauty when we were clearing out some of the side rooms in our new lab space. Allow me … Continue reading

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In which self-help goes all Jurassic on your ass

I don’t even know where to begin. How is this analogy even remotely helpful to those of us currently living in the Cenozoic Era?

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In which nature imitates science

On the walk from my house to Russia Dock Woodlands, you have to pass by a particular hedgerow. Like all good hedgerows, it’s thick and impenetrable and rustling with unseen bird life. And it produces lots of bright-red berries, which … Continue reading

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In which it all goes a bit Hitchcock

As I approach the door and reach for the knob, I find that my heart rate has accelerated. Behind me, one of our research nurses cowers a few paces back: she needs to get inside, but – quite understandably – … Continue reading

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In which we make a mess of things

As a rule, when I’m trying to be creative, I have a hard time focusing if my workspace is not pristine and well-ordered. This holds true whether I’m working on a novel at my desk or performing an experiment on … Continue reading

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