What does the Higgs boson look like? (Audio Version)

As a little experiment I sat down and recorded an audio version of my Occam’s Corner post on the historical account of the difficulties that scientists had in accepting the reality of atoms.

You can listen here:


And here is the video of Brownian motion that is mentioned:





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One Response to What does the Higgs boson look like? (Audio Version)

  1. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Very nice – thanks for posting!

    I went to a simply fantastic Cafe Scientifique talk about the Higgs boson last week; I almost understood it! (The Q&A session went right over my head, though. I didn’t dare to ask my very stupid question in public, but someone sitting at the next table did answer it for me. Apparently it’s a large collider for normal-sized hadrons, not a normal-sized collider for large hadrons). The presenter had worked on the project at CERN and gave one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen – the gaggle of awestruck male grad students surrounding her at the end seemed to agree!

    (Particle physics is a “teflon concept” for me – I can sort of almost understand it in short bursts, but it slips out again almost immediately. Immunology’s the same way, so it’s not just physics).

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