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Ceci n’est pas un blogpost

Load. Aim. Fire!!!!! Grant application submitted. Who knows what will happen? If you feel moved to comment, please do so randomly. I’m all out of evidence and logic.

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That Feeling

You know that feeling? That feeling you get? That feeling you get when you and your mate are climbing in the Andes and the weather closes in and before you know it you’ve slipped off an icy ledge and suffered … Continue reading

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Passing Time

At the weekend the clocks went forward. Time was shifted and the days suddenly seem longer. I realised that my stargazing will be pushed later and later into the spring and summer evenings. Oh well, I’ll just have to sit … Continue reading

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The Age of Wonder, Thunder or Blunder?

I am reading The Age of Wonder, Richard Holmes’ award-winning romp through the romantic era of science which lasted, roughly speaking, from the middle of the eighteenth century to the middle of the nineteenth. I may one of these days … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan at Imperial

It’s hard to believe, but Bob Dylan is at Imperial. Stranger than an eleven-dollar bill. But it’s true.  Not in person you understand, that would be ridiculous. But his words are there, as the sub-text to an exhibition of photographs … Continue reading

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The awesomeness of MT4

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Not at all saturnine about Saturn

Returning home from Lablit this evening at about 11 pm I scanned the clear sky in the south-east and noticed a small bright speck to the left of and slightly higher than the glowing moon. A quick perusal of Starmap … Continue reading

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The Carnival Cometh

Grrlscientist and Bob caught me napping the other day and before I knew it, I had agreed to host the next Scientia Pro Publica, which will be published here on Monday 1st March.   So, if you’ve read or written … Continue reading

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From the pedestal – take 2

Updated at 10:30 am Following my brief and angry post last week about Simon Jenkins’ wayward accusations against scientists in The Guardian, Bill Hanage and I have written a more temperate but no less strongly felt response that has appeared … Continue reading

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From my pedestal

I just wanted to clamber up onto my pedestal for a moment (it’s rented – I don’t actually possess one) and shout at the very top of my voice that Simon Jenkins has written an article in The Guardian that … Continue reading

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Puff The Biochemist

Thought that some of you might like to know that the latest (Feb 2010) issue of The Biochemist is running a special series of articles on Science and the Media; science communication if you will. There’s a piece by yours … Continue reading

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Science and Politics Mix

Tonight I attended a science policy debate organised by CaSE at the Institution of Engineering and Technology on London’s Embankment. Chaired by Roger Highfield, the editor of New Scientist, the debate featured the science spokesmen from the three main UK … Continue reading

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