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Knowledge versus Experience

One of the things that is always said about teaching is that it shows you what you do or don’t know. You can’t flannel an explanation to a student who keeps asking probing questions though you may manage to do … Continue reading

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Practice, Practice, Practice: Getting that Talk Right

As my last post noted, my mind is inclined to go for a walk during seminars if I’m not careful. Recently these wanderings provoked me to consider all the pitfalls of seminar-giving – by young and old alike. Experience doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seminars that Bomb

It’s a strange thing how giving essentially the same talk at different venues/to different audiences can lead to such variable responses. The reasons for this are many and complex, and not always under one’s control; sometimes it is far from … Continue reading

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Blushes and Bluster

Last week I participated in the Eureka Live debate on Women in Science at the Wellcome Collection in London.  My fellow panellist Ottoline Leyser, spoke passionately in favour of being positive. (Ottoline, you may recall, is the author of that … Continue reading

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