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Leaning In or Leaning Out: Who does What (and Why)?

Girly swot Brenda Hale, otherwise known as the outgoing President of the Supreme Court with an impressive taste in brooches (see figure), was quoted recently as saying: “I encountered many young men from public school backgrounds who felt entitled to … Continue reading

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Onions and Unconscious Bias

I have written before about my work on carrots, and it’s also the case that I have published on onions, in rather the same spirit as the carrot work: an environmental scanning electron microscopy study of onion failure, as well … Continue reading

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Publish and Be Damned

In this age of h indices and impact factors, the choice of where to publish seems to get ever more important and complex.  It used to be, as a physicist, the place to publish was PRL – or at least … Continue reading

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