Hockey Pool, Week 21, wherein I fail to win

Just a quick update on Cath’s annual hockey pool, dominated in recent years by, er, not me.

In week 21, Cath and I managed to make identical choices for all but three players – and her three different ones outperformed mine miserably. As a result, I’m still mired in third place, while modscientist and Cath duel for the top, swapping places again. Last year’s champion Lavaland is still lurking in fourth place, but lost a little ground.


At the blunt end of the field, Bob is still bringing up the rear, in an efficiency duel with Beth. After some recent strong weeks, Mr. E Man had a disastrous showing and is now tied for seventh with Chall. By contrast, ScientistMother stormed ahead, taking over sixth place and getting within reach of Gerty, still hanging on to the top of “Group B”.

The week now underway required a lot of juggling, as many teams are playing a lot of games. I opted for a balanced approach that after one day seems to be working, but will doubtless still leave me in third place come the end of week 22. We’ll see.

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I am Canadian by heritage, and a molecular biologist and human geneticist by training. My day job is Assistant Director of a large genome centre, where I do various things along the lines of "keeping the wheels on". In my spare time, I tend to run around with a camera, often chasing horses, race cars, musicians, and occasionally, wildlife.
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7 Responses to Hockey Pool, Week 21, wherein I fail to win

  1. chall says:

    you know, right now my precious Leafs are second under the line (play off line) behind the Caps!! And I’m failing miserable at this blasted pool. I am very very tempted to stop caring about this stupid sport and just be oblivious to it – would save me pain.

    *grumpy and sad*

    • That’s the spirit! Encourage all the other pool members to stop caring too! Especially Cath and ModScientist please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • chall says:

        hmm… maybe I should give up caring…

      • chall says:

        the last comment was in reference to the rumour that Gustavsson might leave Leafs…

        However, Samuel Pรฅhlson to Vancouver means I might be more of West coast fan the coming months…. but my heart still beats for Leafs… and my hope is not yet completely snuffed out (i know, I’m cluching at very tiny tiny straws)

  2. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    No such luck – not with the Canucks in 1st place overall WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for hosting, Richard! I think we’ve had twice as many changes in position so far than in the whole of the last season! It’s very exciting. Looks like another interesting week, with Lava in the lead so far…

    Right, off to follow all the trade deadline news. Oh, but before I do, Mr E Man wanted me to point out that he hasn’t changed his picks since the cap values changed ๐Ÿ™‚

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