June 6

I started off this morning by thinking about, of all things, the Canadian Senate, what its uses are, and whether the country needs it or not.

But then, thanks to a couple of tip-offs via Twitter, I remembered that today, there are other things to think about, and remember, for many different reasons.

Canadian nickels - V for Victory
The years may be wrong, but the messages were clear.

June 6, 1944.

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I am Canadian by heritage, and a molecular biologist and human geneticist by training. My day job is Assistant Director of a large genome centre, where I do various things along the lines of "keeping the wheels on". In my spare time, I tend to run around with a camera, often chasing horses, race cars, musicians, and occasionally, wildlife.
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3 Responses to June 6

  1. rpg says:



  2. chall says:

    The National day of Sweden! That’s what you were thinking about, right?! Center of the universe, Kingdom of Sweden.

    Sorry, it’s not funny really. Especially since it seems like there was nothing obvious in the “international” [non-Swedish] papers that I read yesterday. I remember though, since it is the same date…..

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