Holiday Snaps (lazy blogging)

In my usual way, with the Christmas break in full sway, I’ll more or less finish of the year with some lazy photo blogging. First up: Toronto’s Eaton Centre with the 1937 camera:

Black Friday, Eaton Centre, Toronto

And here’s Jill Barber, the mystery holiday chanteuse I alluded to previously:

Jill Barber, First Canadian Place, Toronto

And finally, here’s a view of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour district, from the visit to the conference that Cath just mentioned.

Vancouver waterfront

That’s it. I’ve got nothing more weighty than that to say. Happy 2015 everyone… a year in which you will find me skulking about with a camera or two again, and if we’re all very lucky, posting about some science as well.

About Richard Wintle

I am Canadian by heritage, and a molecular biologist and human geneticist by training. My day job is Assistant Director of a large genome centre, where I do various things along the lines of "keeping the wheels on". In my spare time, I tend to run around with a camera, often chasing horses, race cars, musicians, and occasionally, wildlife.
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2 Responses to Holiday Snaps (lazy blogging)

  1. Steve Caplan says:

    Great photos! The bird formation in the last one sure balances out the composition — did you see them coming and wait for the right moment, or set up a tripod for hours and hours?

    • Thanks, Steve. I am sad to report that it was fortuitous… they happened to be flying by as I was thinking of composing the shot, but I did intentionally get them in the top of the frame. Of the two exposures I shot, this was the one where they were best tucked into the corner.

      I agree that the vee of geese balances out the photo. Without them I think I actually wouldn’t have bothered editing and posting this one.

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