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Sex, Gender, Research and Fairness

It is a daily matter to look around a typical laboratory and note the imbalance of the sexes in different roles. In a lab using animals, there may be a fair number of female technicians, but the PI is more … Continue reading

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Heroines We Still Need

I have not been able to think much about blogging recently due to a variety of factors culminating in the wedding last weekend of my daughter. Not that I had much to do with the organisation of the wedding but … Continue reading

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Risk, Education and Politicians

As usual I’m a trifle behindhand in my reading, so only now am I catching up with the Darwin Lectures  on Risk, a series of lectures given in 2010 and now available as a book or on your Kindle). This … Continue reading

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Quantitative Skills for All

What do social scientists need to know about science and maths? What should schools and universities be doing to make sure they have the necessary skills? This was at the heart of a recent meeting at the British Academy, where … Continue reading

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Science and the Law

It’s the grey end of term and the dark time of the year when it is easy to feel that too many things have been left undone that should have been done.  The Christmas break is fast approaching and most … Continue reading

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