In which we are the last man standing

You know it’s the last day before Christmas break when:

1. All of the communal microscopes are free, so you can run lots of parallel experiments.
2. Whenever you enter a room or corridor, the automatic lights flicker on.
3. Plenty of the best cookies are still available in the common room.
4. You hear a lot of weird noises in the empty lab that you never noticed before.
5. The tissue culture incubator is almost completely devoid of dishes.
6. Every work email you send elicits an out-of-office reply.
7. The machine that never normally breaks down packs it in just as the person who knows how to fix it leaves until January.
8. Your boss is the only lab head still in the building, and you’re the only one he has to pester about experiments.
9. Point 8 slightly mitigated by brownie points gained.
10. You wonder whether you have the stamina to attend the last party of a week of parties.

Happy holidays one and all!

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4 Responses to In which we are the last man standing

  1. rpg says:

    11. You have time to write a 10-point blog post… đŸ˜‰

    Merry Christmas to all y’all!

  2. ricardipus says:

    Ooooo spooky. Do I sense the germination of a scene in an as-yet-unwritten Lablit novel?

    All the best for the holidays Jenny, Merry Christmas and I hope you get out of there sometime (semi-)reasonable this evening.

  3. Joe D says:

    When I was still in the lab, xmas day would be when the 4 degree room and/or the -80 freezer would break down.

    Of course, it’d be fine because I’d be hundreds of miles away: somebody else’s day ruined.

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